1. Like
2. Akin
3. Comparable
4. Corresponding
5. Identical
6. Matching
7. Equivalent
8. Similar
9. Analogous
10. Congruous
11. Congruent
12. Coextensive
13. Parallel
14. Resembling
15. Reproductive
16. Replica
17. Reproduction
18. Representation
19. Similitude
20. Twin
21. Exact
22. Any
23. Every
24. Same
25. Suchlike
26. Suchness
27. Uniform
28. Unison
29. Unity
30. Unvaried

Are you looking for the best ideas and synonyms for the word «SUCH»? Whether you need to find another word for «SUCH» in a creative writing project or for a business report, there are plenty of options available. You may find that words like «like,» «akin,» «comparable,» and «corresponding» can work in many situations. Other words like «identical,» «matching,» and «equivalent» can also be used to express the same idea. For more specific situations, you can use words such as «analogous,» «coextensive,» and «parallel.» These words can help to add more detail and complexity to your writing. You may also find words like «resembling,» «twin,» and «exact» useful when you need to express a similar concept. Finally, you can use words such as «any,» «same,» «suchlike,» and «uniform» to make your writing more precise. With these synonyms for the word «SUCH,» you can find the perfect fit for any situation.