1. Component
2. Element
3. Part
4. Segment
5. Module
6. Feature
7. Aspect
8. Fraction
9. Piece
10. Unit
11. Detail
12. Portion
13. Subdivision
14. Component
15. Subpart
16. Element
17. Segment
18. Fraction
19. Constituent
20. Appendage
21. Detail
22. Module
23. Feature
24. Subdivision
25. Subassembly
26. Subroutine
27. Subprocess
28. Subordinate
29. Subordinate system
30. Subordinate unit

When looking for the best ideas for a project, it is important to consider all the potential components that make up the entire system. One of the most useful ways to do this is to look for synonyms for the term “subsystem”. There are many different words that can be used to describe a subsystem, such as component, element, part, segment, module, feature, aspect, fraction, piece, unit, detail, portion, subdivision, subpart, constituent, appendage, subassembly, subroutine, subprocess, subordinate system, and subordinate unit. By considering all of these synonyms, you can better understand the components that make up a subsystem and come up with the best ideas for your project.