1. Immersed
2. Covered
3. Drowned
4. Swallowed
5. Inundated
6. Engulfed
7. Overwhelmed
8. Engulfed
9. Overwhelmed
10. Submerged
11. Cascaded
12. Flooded
13. Soaked
14. Submersed
15. Deluged
16. Engulfed
17. Inundated
18. Bathed
19. Subjugated
20. Submerged
21. Overwhelmed
22. Submerged
23. Buries
24. Sunken
25. Submersed
26. Dipped
27. Covered
28. Buried
29. Sank
30. Overwhelmed

When you are looking for another word for «submerged», there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Whether you are looking for a more specific word such as «immersed» or a more general word such as «overwhelmed», there is a synonym that can fit your needs. The best ideas for synonyms for «submerged» include words such as «covered», «drowned», «swallowed», «inundated», «engulfed», and «overwhelmed». All of these words can be used to describe the same concept of being submerged and can help to make your writing more descriptive and interesting.