1. Investigate
2. Inquire
3. Examine
4. Analyze
5. Delve
6. Explore
7. Assay
8. Assess
9. Scrutinize
10. Dissect
11. Research
12. Probe
13. Look into
14. Pore over
15. Rummage
16. Peruse
17. Probe
18. Deliberate
19. Cogitate
20. Ponder
21. Reflect
22. Contemplate
23. Consider
24. Survey
25. Assimilate
26. Appraise
27. Cross-examine
28. Inspect
29. Delineate
30. Scrutinise

Searching for synonyms for the word “study” can be an overwhelming task. Whether you are trying to find the best words to use in a paper or simply trying to expand your vocabulary, there are a variety of synonyms available to choose from. Investigate, inquire, examine, analyze, delve, explore, assay, assess, scrutinize, dissect, research, probe, look into, pore over, rummage, peruse, probe, deliberate, cogitate, ponder, reflect, contemplate, consider, survey, assimilate, appraise, cross-examine, inspect, delineate, and scrutinise are all excellent ideas when looking for a synonym for the word “study”. With so many options, you can easily find the best words to express your ideas.