1. Pupils
2. Scholars
3. Learners
4. Apprentices
5. Novices
6. Disciples
7. Undergraduates
8. Tutees
9. Trainees
10. Mentees
11. Pupils
12. Adolescents
13. Postulants
14. Alumni
15. Proteges
16. Candidates
18. Seekers
19. Adherents
20. Postulants
21. Apprentices
22. Pupils
23. Attendants
24. Enrollees
25. Students of Knowledge
26. Disciples of Learning
27. Neophytes
28. Aspirants
29. Students of Life
30. Seekers of Wisdom

When looking for other words for ‘students’, there are many great ideas to consider. Synonyms such as ‘pupils’, ‘scholars’, ‘learners’, and ‘apprentices’ all offer a great way to refer to those who are studying or learning. Other words such as ‘novices’, ‘disciples’, and ‘undergraduates’ are also excellent options. For the best ideas, consider terms such as ‘tutees’, ‘trainees’, and ‘mentees’. Each of these words provide a unique way to refer to students in a professional or educational setting. Ultimately, the best synonym for ‘students’ is the one that best fits the context.