1. Battled
2. Contended
3. Endured
4. Fought
5. Grappled
6. Labored
7. Opposed
8. Persevered
9. Resisted
10. Strained
11. Stressed
12. Toiled
13. Wrestled
14. Brawled
15. Clashed
16. Confronted
17. Defied
18. Endured
19. Grappled
20. Labored
21. Opposed
22. Overcame
23. Persevered
24. Prevailed
25. Resisted
26. Stressed
27. Struggled with
28. Tackled
29. Tried
30. Wrestled

Finding the right words to express yourself can be a difficult task. Knowing the best synonyms for «struggled» can help you convey the exact sentiment you want to express. Whether you’re writing a story, a poem, or a letter, having the best ideas for synonyms can help you get your point across. Here are 30 great ideas for synonyms for «struggled»: battled, contended, endured, fought, grappled, labored, opposed, persevered, resisted, strained, stressed, toiled, wrestled, brawled, clashed, confronted, defied, endured, grappled, labored, opposed, overcame, persevered, prevailed, resisted, stressed, struggled with, tackled, tried, wrestled. With these 30 synonyms, you’ll have the perfect word to express the sentiment you need.