1. Steps
2. Jumps
3. Leaps
4. Advances
5. Strides
6. Progresses
7. Walks
8. Straddles
9. Hops
10. Skips
11. Trots
12. Gallops
13. Runs
14. Struts
15. Straddles
16. Transitions
17. Traverses
18. Ambles
19. Straggles
20. Jaunts
21. Paces
22. Strains
23. Marches
24. Strains
25. Dashes
26. Strains
27. Crawls
28. Creeps
29. Lopes
30. Scampers

When looking for the best ideas to describe a situation where someone is moving forward, synonyms for strides can be a great way to help you get your point across. Whether you are writing a paper, giving a speech, or even just having a conversation, using synonyms for strides can help you express your thoughts more clearly. Some of the best synonyms for strides include steps, jumps, leaps, advances, progresses, walks, straddles, hops, skips, trots, gallops, runs, struts, transitions, traverses, ambles, straggles, jaunts, paces, strains, marches, dashes, strains, crawls, creeps, lopes, and scampers. All of these words can help you accurately describe the movement of someone or something going forward. Using these words can help you paint a vivid picture for your audience and help them understand the idea that you are trying to convey.