1. Cingulate
2. Cerebellar
3. Putamen
4. Pallidum
5. Hypothalamic
6. Thalamic
7. Basal
8. Ganglionic
9. Nucleated
10. Substantia
11. Neuronal
12. Cortical
13. Subcortical
14. Limbic
15. Gyrus
16. Sulcus
17. Fissure
18. Nucleus
19. Cortex
20. Striate
21. Neuronal
22. Ganglia
23. Nuclei
24. Substantia Nigra
25. Subthalamic
26. Amygdala
27. Hippocampus
28. Ventral
29. Medial
30. Lateral

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «striatal»? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the best ideas and synonyms for the term «striatal» to help you find the perfect word for your project. From cingulate and cerebellar to putamen and pallidum, there are plenty of other words and phrases that can be used in place of «striatal». Consider using terms such as hypothalamic, thalamic, and basal to add some variety to your writing. Additionally, words such as ganglionic, nucleated, substantia, and neuronal can be used to replace «striatal». If you’re looking for more specific terms, consider using phrases like subcortical, limbic, gyrus, sulcus, fissure, nucleus, and cortex. Finally, consider using words such as striate, neuronal, ganglia, nuclei, substantia nigra, subthalamic, amygdala, hippocampus, ventral, medial, and lateral. With this comprehensive list of synonyms for «striatal» you can easily find the perfect word for your project.