1. Declarations
2. Affirmations
3. Proclamations
4. Assertions
5. Declarative Sentences
6. Avowals
7. Pronouncements
8. Expositions
9. Dicta
10. Decrees
11. Annunciations
12. Asseverations
13. Allegations
14. Propositions
15. Allegations
16. Postulates
17. Presumptions
18. Categoricals
19. Promulgations
20. Depositions
21. Recitals
22. Notifications
23. Verdicts
24. Utterances
25. Axioms
26. Prescriptions
27. Predications
28. Enunciations
29. Proposals
30. Averments

When searching for other words to use in place of “statements”, there are many ideas that can be explored. Whether you’re looking for the best synonyms for a professional document or a creative way to phrase something for a blog post, there are many options available. Synonyms for “statements” include declarations, affirmations, proclamations, assertions, and declarative sentences. These words can help to add variety and interest to your writing. Other words for “statements” include avowals, pronouncements, expositions, dicta, and decrees. These words can help to give your writing a more formal tone and make your writing stand out. Additionally, annunciations, asseverations, allegations, propositions, and postulates are all great options for when you need to emphasize the importance of a statement. Finally, categoricals, promulgations, depositions, recitals, notifications, verdicts, utterances, axioms, prescriptions, predications, enunciations, proposals, and averments are all excellent choices when you’re looking for a more unique way to phrase a statement.