1. Expressed
2. Declared
3. Articulated
4. Announced
5. Pronounced
6. Asserted
7. Affirmed
8. Vowed
9. Proclaimed
10. Verbalized
11. Enunciated
12. Uttered
13. Confessed
14. Averred
15. Avowed
16. Testified
17. Avouched
18. Alleged
19. Maintained
20. Enounced
21. Specified
22. Cited
23. Enumerated
24. Assumed
25. Reiterated
26. Categorically Stated
27. Assumed
28. Mooted
29. Postulated
30. Voiced

When you’re looking for the best ideas to express something, there are many synonyms for the word “stated” that can be used. Whether you need to express something in an official or informal way, you can find the perfect word to use. From “expressed” to “voiced”, there are many other words for “stated” that can help you find the right phrase to use in any context. For example, “declared” can be used when you need to share something in a formal way, while “enumerated” can be used to list out facts or ideas. If you’re looking for other words for “stated”, then you can explore the list above to find the perfect phrase to use.