1. Begin
2. Initiate
3. Launch
4. Embark
5. Commence
6. Open
7. Activate
8. Ignite
9. Introduce
10. Set off
11. Kick off
12. Take off
13. Fire up
14. Start up
15. Take up
16. Set in motion
17. Set forth
18. Get going
19. Get underway
20. Strike out
21. Set out
22. Take up
23. Rouse
24. Jump start
25. Inspire
26. Activate
27. Prime
28. Instigate
29. Trigger
30. Inspirit

Finding the right words to start something can be difficult. Whether you’re writing an essay, starting a business, or beginning a new project, it’s important to choose the best words to express your ideas. Synonyms for “start” are a great way to find the perfect words to begin your journey. From “begin” to “inspirit”, there are a variety of words to choose from. If you’re looking for the best ideas, here are 30 synonyms for “start” to get you going. With these words, you can start off on the right foot and take your project to the next level.