1. Criteria
2. Norms
3. Principles
4. Rules
5. Benchmarks
6. Specifications
7. Guidelines
8. Requirements
9. Prerequisites
10. Criterions
11. Restrictions
12. Criterion
13. Conditions
14. Expectations
15. Principles
16. Regulations
17. Laws
18. Measures
19. Models
20. Protocols
21. Dictates
22. Limitations
23. Directions
24. Qualities
25. Values
26. Statutes
27. Ethical codes
28. Precepts
29. Canons
30. Ordinances

Finding the best ideas for standards can be difficult. But with the right synonyms, you can make the process easier. Synonyms for standards include criteria, norms, principles, rules, benchmarks, specifications, guidelines, requirements, prerequisites, criterions, restrictions, criterion, conditions, expectations, principles, regulations, laws, measures, models, protocols, dictates, limitations, directions, qualities, values, statutes, ethical codes, precepts, canons, and ordinances. Each of these synonyms can provide insight into the standards you need to set for yourself or your organization. Understanding the different meanings of these words can help you create the most effective standards possible. With the right synonyms, you can ensure that your standards are clear, concise, and achievable.