1. Upright
2. Remain
3. Posture
4. Station
5. Rest
6. Pose
7. Rise
8. Prop
9. Mount
10. Balance
11. Perch
12. Maintain
13. Position
14. Uphold
15. Support
16. Sustain
17. Endure
18. Abide
19. Propel
20. Poise
21. Anchor
22. Erect
23. Establish
24. Ease
25. Settle
26. Sway
27. Perpetuate
28. Alight
29. Seat
30. Repose

When looking for different words to use in place of the word «stand», there are many ideas and synonyms to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best synonyms or just some ideas, there are plenty of options. Synonyms for «stand» include upright, remain, posture, station, rest, pose, rise, prop, mount, balance, perch, maintain, position, uphold, support, sustain, endure, abide, propel, poise, anchor, erect, establish, ease, settle, sway, perpetuate, alight, seat, and repose. Each of these words can be used to replace «stand» in any sentence or phrase to add variety and creativity to your writing.