1. Steed
2. Colt
3. Equine
4. Horse
5. Steer
6. Gelding
7. Filly
8. Mule
9. Hack
10. Mustang
11. Mare
12. Neddy
13. Roan
14. Thoroughbred
15. Pony
16. Palfrey
17. Broodmare
18. Nag
19. Jennet
20. Courser
21. Destrier
22. Grey
23. Yearling
24. Hackney
25. Cob
26. Roebuck
27. Grizzly
28. Barb
29. Charger
30. Bay

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «stallion»? Finding the right words for your project can be difficult, but we have the best ideas to help you out! Here are 30 synonyms for «stallion» that you can use, including steed, colt, equine, horse, steer, gelding, filly, mule, hack, mustang, mare, neddy, roan, thoroughbred, pony, palfrey, broodmare, nag, jennet, courser, destrier, grey, yearling, hackney, cob, roebuck, grizzly, barb, charger, and bay. With these words, you can easily find the best fit for your project and make sure your writing is accurate and effective.