1. Phases
2. Levels
3. Steps
4. Stages
5. Periods
6. Segments
7. Stops
8. Stations
9. Intervals
10. Milestones
11. Journeys
12. Sections
13. Cycles
14. Movements
15. Chapters
16. Intermissions
17. Stretches
18. Strides
19. Stints
20. Rounds
21. Laps
22. Flights
23. Divisions
24. Zones
25. Transitions
26. Transfers
27. Progressions
28. Spurts
29. Marches
30. Chapters

Finding the right words to express yourself is often difficult, but there are many synonyms for the word “stages” that can help to convey the desired meaning. From phases and levels, to steps and periods, there are many different ideas to choose from. Other words for “stages” include segments, stops, stations, intervals, milestones, journeys, sections, cycles, movements, chapters, intermissions, stretches, strides, stints, rounds, laps, flights, divisions, zones, transitions, transfers, progressions, spurts, marches, and chapters. These are some of the best ideas for finding a synonym for “stages” that will help to express the desired meaning in a more precise way.