1. Atomizing
2. Nebulizing
3. Dispersing
4. Diffusing
5. Sprinkling
6. Mistifying
7. Spraying
8. Atomizing
9. Scattering
10. Spreading
11. Diffusing
12. Showering
13. Spritzing
14. Misting
15. Irrigating
16. Saturating
17. Perfuming
18. Permeating
19. Soothing
20. Drenching
21. Moistening
22. Dispersing
23. Pervading
24. Pouring
25. Dropping
26. Splashing
27. Scattering
28. Disseminating
29. Percolating
30. Sprinkling

When searching for an alternative to the word «spraying», there are many great ideas and synonyms to choose from. Whether you are looking for something more formal or more casual, there are a variety of other words that can be used to convey the same idea. Some of the best synonyms for «spraying» include atomizing, nebulizing, diffusing, sprinkling, mistifying, and showering. These words all convey the idea of dispersing liquid or particles in a fine mist or spray. Other words for «spraying» include spritzing, saturating, perfuming, and moistening. Each of these words can be used to communicate the same idea in different contexts. Whether you need a more formal or more casual word to describe the act of spraying, there are plenty of great ideas and synonyms to choose from.