1. Dot
2. Mark
3. Fleck
4. Blot
5. Patch
6. Speck
7. Smudge
8. Spotting
9. Stipple
10. Splash
11. Spotty
12. Splotch
13. Macula
14. Pimple
15. Point
16. Pock
17. Blob
18. Taint
19. Tarnish
20. Stain
21. Discolor
22. Discoloration
23. Blur
24. Impression
25. Imprint
26. Smear
27. Mar
28. Marring
29. Patchwork
30. Daub

Searching for synonyms for the word “spot”? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of the best ideas and other words for “spot”. Whether you’re looking for a dot, a mark, a fleck, a blot, a patch, a speck, or a smudge, this list has everything you need. From spotty and splotch to macula and pimple, you’ll be sure to find the perfect synonym for your writing. There are even more creative options like stipple, splash, and patchwork. With this list of thirty synonyms for “spot”, you’ll be sure to find the perfect word for your project.