Synonyms for SPORTS:

1. Athletics
2. Games
3. Recreation
4. Contests
5. Competitions
6. Events
7. Activities
8. Matches
9. Tournaments
10. Leagues
11. Amusements
12. Diversions
13. Challenges
14. Journeys
15. Jaunts
16. Marathons
17. Contests
18. Struggles
19. Contendings
20. Exercises
21. Practices
22. Trials
23. Pursuits
24. Adventures
25. Disciplines
26. Endeavors
27. Occupations
28. Quests
29. Gambols
30. Pastimes

Finding the right words to describe sports can be challenging. Whether you are writing about a specific sport or just looking for other words for sports in general, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Synonyms for sports can range from the general, such as athletics and games, to the specific, such as marathons and tournaments. Other words for sports can also include activities, challenges, and contests. Whatever the situation, the best ideas for synonyms for sports are those that accurately describe the activity or event in question. With a wide variety of words at your disposal, you can easily find the perfect word to convey the right meaning.