Synonyms for «SPENDS»:

1. Disburses
2. Utilizes
3. Employs
4. Invests
5. Allocates
6. Exhausts
7. Consumes
8. Disposes
9. Lavishes
10. Expenditures
11. Lays out
12. Shelling out
13. Disbursement
14. Expenditure
15. Wasting
16. Expend
17. Disposes of
18. Expenditures
19. Disposing
20. Disposes
21. Exhaust
22. Utilise
23. Employ
24. Allocate
25. Shell out
26. Disburse
27. Lavish
28. Invest
29. Waste
30. Lay out

When it comes to finding the best ideas for other words for «SPENDS», there are many synonyms that can be used. From disburses to lavishes, the list of synonyms for this word is expansive. Disburses, utilizes, employs, invests, and allocates are all great words to use when looking for a synonym for «SPENDS». Additionally, expenditures, shelling out, disbursement, expenditure, wasting, expend, disposing, and exhaust are all great words to use in place of «SPENDS». Whether you are looking for a more formal synonym or a more casual one, the list of synonyms for «SPENDS» is sure to provide you with the best ideas.