1. Conjectures
2. Guesswork
3. Assumptions
4. Hypotheses
5. Estimations
6. Predictions
7. Theories
8. Notions
9. Ideas
10. Opinions
11. Reflections
12. Inference
13. Considerations
14. Forecasts
15. Ideas
16. Impressions
17. Presumptions
18. Gleanings
19. Propositions
20. Expectations
21. Notices
22. Intuitions
23. Suppositions
24. Ideas
25. Guesses
26. Reflections
27. Ideas
28. Thoughts
29. Imaginings
30. Musings

When searching for other words for «speculations», the best ideas can be found by considering the various meanings of the word. Speculations can refer to a range of topics, from the scientific to the philosophical, and the synonyms for this word can be used to describe all of these different meanings. For example, «conjectures» or «guesswork» can be used to describe theories or predictions, while «notions» or «opinions» can be used to describe ideas or reflections. Additionally, «forecasts» or «expectations» can be used to describe predictions or estimations. All of these synonyms for «speculations» can be used to express a wide range of ideas and topics, making them invaluable for anyone looking to express their thoughts and opinions.