1. Apparition
2. Phantom
3. Wraith
4. Shade
5. Revenant
6. Visage
7. Entity
8. Haunt
9. Image
10. Form
11. Presence
12. Manifestation
13. Spirit
14. Poltergeist
15. Figment
16. Illusion
17. Impression
18. Reflection
19. Phantom
20. Echo
21. Reflection
22. Idea
23. Vapour
24. Memory
25. Shadow
26. Idea
27. Idea
28. Visitation
29. Idea
30. Idea

Searching for synonyms for the word “spectre” can be a difficult task. It’s important to find the best ideas that accurately represent the meaning of the word. The best ideas to use when looking for synonyms for “spectre” include apparition, phantom, wraith, shade, revenant, visage, entity, haunt, image, form, presence, manifestation, spirit, poltergeist, figment, illusion, impression, reflection, phantom, echo, reflection, idea, vapour, memory, shadow, visitation, and idea. With these words, you can accurately represent the meaning of the word “spectre” without having to use the same word over and over.