1. Naming
2. Indicating
3. Denoting
4. Defining
5. Designating
6. Marking
7. Singling out
8. Particularizing
9. Itemizing
10. Limiting
11. Detailing
12. Characterizing
13. Describing
14. Distinguishing
15. Illustrating
16. Outlining
17. Referencing
18. Refining
19. Stipulating
20. Subdividing
21. Tabulating
22. Terminating
23. Accentuating
24. Allocating
25. Apportioning
26. Categorizing
27. Classifying
28. Denominating
29. Identifying
30. Specifying

Looking for other words for “specifying”? Here are the best ideas for you. Synonyms for “specifying” can range from “naming” and “indicating” to “categorizing” and “classifying.” There are many other words that can be used to describe the act of specifying, such as “denoting,” “defining,” “designating,” and “marking.” You can also use words like “singling out,” “particularizing,” “itemizing,” “limiting,” “detailing,” “characterizing,” and “describing.” Other words for “specifying” include “distinguishing,” “illustrating,” “outlining,” “referencing,” “refining,” “stipulating,” “subdividing,” “tabulating,” “terminating,” “accentuating,” “allocating,” “apportioning,” “categorizing,” “classifying,” “denominating,” and “identifying.” With these synonyms for “specifying” you can find the best word to use in any context.