1. Erratic
2. Intermittent
3. Unpredictable
4. Staccato
5. Fitful
6. Unsteady
7. Irregular
8. Sporadic
9. Occasional
10. Paroxysmal
11. Fluctuating
12. Variable
13. Unstable
14. Haphazard
15. Capricious
16. Erratic
17. Jerky
18. Uneven
19. Intermitten
20. Unsystematic
21. Changeable
22. Erratic
23. Irresolute
24. Quavering
25. Unreliable
26. Unbalanced
27. Unconstant
28. Unforeseeable
29. Unpredictable
30. Unsystematic

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “spasmodic”? Whether you are writing an essay or preparing for a presentation, having a list of words to choose from can be helpful. Here are some of the best ideas for synonyms for “spasmodic”: erratic, intermittent, unpredictable, staccato, fitful, unsteady, irregular, sporadic, occasional, paroxysmal, fluctuating, variable, unstable, haphazard, capricious, jerky, uneven, intermitten, unsystematic, changeable, irresolute, quavering, unreliable, unbalanced, unconstant, unforeseeable, and unpredictable. By having a list of words to choose from, you can find the perfect synonym for your writing or presentation needs.