1. Categorizing
2. Classifying
3. Organizing
4. Arranging
5. Grouping
6. Indexing
7. Cataloguing
8. Allocating
9. Tabulating
10. Assorting
11. Discerning
12. Sifting
13. Sorting out
14. Ranking
15. Distributing
16. Sequencing
17. Disposing
18. Separating
19. Listing
20. Analyzing
21. Tabulating
22. Codifying
23. Categorizing
24. Systemizing
25. Prioritizing
26. Classifying
27. Pigeonholing
28. Differentiating
29. Ordering
30. Compiling

Searching for synonyms for the word “sorting” can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas or other words for “sorting”, you’ll find a wide range of options. Categorizing, classifying, organizing, arranging, grouping, indexing, cataloguing, allocating, tabulating, assorting, discerning, sifting, sorting out, ranking, distributing, sequencing, disposing, separating, listing, analyzing, tabulating, codifying, categorizing, systemizing, prioritizing, classifying, pigeonholing, differentiating, ordering, and compiling are all words that can be used as another word for “sorting”. With this comprehensive list of synonyms for “sorting”, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect word for your needs.