1. Moderately
2. To some degree
3. Fairly
4. Reasonably
5. Relatively
6. Quite
7. Partly
8. Ample
9. Considerably
10. Not entirely
11. Not wholly
12. Not completely
13. In some measure
14. Not too much
15. Not too little
16. Substantially
17. Appreciably
18. Passably
19. Not too bad
20. Not too great
21. Not too much
22. In some sort
23. To a certain extent
24. Not overly
25. Not overly much
26. Not overly little
27. To a certain degree
28. In some degree
29. To some extent
30. Not excessively

When searching for alternative words for the term “somewhat”, there are plenty of great ideas to explore. Synonyms like moderately, fairly, and reasonably can all be used to express the same sentiment. Additionally, other words such as quite, partly, and ample can also be used. For those looking for the best synonyms to use, consider moderately, reasonably, and fairly for a more accurate depiction of the desired meaning. Ultimately, there are many synonyms to choose from when looking for an alternative to the word “somewhat”.