1. Several
2. A few
3. A handful
4. A number of
5. A couple
6. Several
7. A small amount
8. A smattering
9. A sprinkling
10. A modicum
11. A portion
12. A selection
13. A variety
14. A bit
15. A few
16. A number
17. A handful
18. A variety of
19. A little
20. A bit of
21. A portion of
22. A quantity of
23. A few of
24. A selection of
25. A group of
26. A collection of
27. A range of
28. A set of
29. A bundle of
30. A cluster of

When you are looking for other words or synonyms for the word ‘some’, there are a variety of options available. The best ideas for synonyms for ‘some’ include several, a few, a handful, a number of, a couple, a small amount, a smattering, a sprinkling, a modicum, a portion, a selection, a variety, a bit, a few, a number, a handful, a variety of, a little, a bit of, a portion of, a quantity of, a few of, a selection of, a group of, a collection of, a range of, a set of, a bundle of, and a cluster of.