1. Resolving
2. Unravelling
3. Figuring out
4. Uncovering
5. Working out
6. Resolving
7. Analyzing
8. Deciphering
9. Unmasking
10. Dissecting
11. Decoding
12. Unscrambling
13. Reconciling
14. Clarifying
15. Deciphering
16. Unknotting
17. Disentangling
18. Investigating
19. Unfolding
20. Reconstructing
21. Explaining
22. Unravelling
23. Interpreting
24. Untangling
25. Illuminating
26. Unearthing
27. Resolving
28. Dissecting
29. Decrypting
30. Uncovering

When you have a problem to solve, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to approach it. Finding the right solution requires creativity and resourcefulness, and often it’s helpful to have a few different ideas. Synonyms for the word “solving” can help to broaden your understanding of the concept and give you more ideas to work with. For example, you might use words like “resolving,” “unravelling,” or “figuring out” to describe the process of solving a problem. Other words like “uncovering,” “working out,” and “analyzing” can also be used to describe the act of finding a solution. All of these words can help to open up the possibilities for creative problem solving and give you the best ideas.