1. Answer
2. Remedy
3. Result
4. Fix
5. Cure
6. Resolution
7. Explanation
8. Key
9. Method
10. Outcome
11. Findings
12. Answer to a problem
13. Result of a problem
14. Way out
15. Means
16. Way to solve
17. Explanatory answer
18. Clarification
19. Key to success
20. Corrective measure
21. Prescription
22. Antidote
23. Explication
24. End result
25. Explanatory answer
26. Explanation of a problem
27. Clarifying answer
28. Answer to a question
29. Explanatory answer to a problem
30. Solution to a problem

When looking for other words for “solution”, there are a variety of options to choose from. The best ideas include answer, remedy, result, fix, cure, resolution, explanation, key, method, outcome, findings, way out, means, way to solve, explication, end result, clarifying answer, answer to a question, and explanatory answer to a problem. Each of these words can be used to describe a solution to a problem. For example, if someone was looking for a way to solve a problem, they could look for the answer, remedy, or resolution to the issue. Additionally, a key, method, or way to solve the problem could be used. Lastly, an outcome, findings, explication, end result, clarifying answer, answer to a question, or explanatory answer to a problem could be used to describe the solution.