Synonyms for Solar:

1. Photovoltaic
2. Photonic
3. Photospheric
4. Sunlit
5. Sunshiny
6. Sunbeam
7. Sunray
8. Sunshine
9. Sunburn
10. Sun-kissed
11. Heliacal
12. Heliocentric
13. Heliogenic
14. Irradiant
15. Radiate
16. Radiative
17. Radiant
18. Solaric
19. Solarized
20. Solarizing
21. Starlit
22. Starry
23. Stellar
24. Bright
25. Illuminate
26. Luminous
27. Incandescent
28. Glowing
29. Aglow
30. Refulgent

When looking for the best ideas and other words for solar, it is important to consider the context in which the word is being used. For example, if the word solar is being used in a scientific context, then photovoltaic, photonic, and photospheric might be the best synonyms to use. On the other hand, if the word solar is being used to describe a sunny day, then words such as sunlit, sunshiny, sunbeam, and sunray might be more appropriate. Regardless of the context, there are plenty of synonyms for solar that can be used to accurately describe the concept. Some of the most common synonyms for solar include heliacal, heliocentric, heliogenic, irradiant, radiative, radiant, solaric, solarized, solarizing, starlit, starry, and stellar. Additionally, words such as bright, illuminate, luminous, incandescent, glowing, aglow, and refulgent can be used to describe solar-related concepts.