1. Group
2. Association
3. Alliance
4. Fellowship
5. Congregation
6. Clan
7. Network
8. Community
9. Brotherhood
10. Fraternity
11. Club
12. League
13. Coalition
14. Gang
15. Syndicate
16. Crew
17. Company
18. Order
19. Band
20. Union
21. Regiment
22. Coterie
23. Cabal
24. Circle
25. Mob
26. Coterie
27. Coterie
28. Coterie
29. Coterie
30. Coterie

Are you looking for ideas for synonyms for the word “SOC”? Whether you’re writing an article, essay, or research paper, having a list of different words and phrases to describe the same concept can be very helpful. While the term “SOC” is often used to refer to a social group of people, there are many other words and phrases that can be used to describe the same concept. Here are some of the best synonyms for “SOC”: group, association, alliance, fellowship, congregation, clan, network, community, brotherhood, fraternity, club, league, coalition, gang, syndicate, crew, company, order, band, union, regiment, coterie, cabal, circle, mob, and coterie. With this list of synonyms for “SOC”, you can easily find the perfect word or phrase to use in your writing.