1. Frosty
2. White
3. Flakey
4. Icy
5. Blizzardy
6. Freezing
7. Chilly
8. Frozen
9. Snowy-white
10. Snow-covered
11. Snow-capped
12. Snow-laden
13. Snow-dusted
14. Snow-streaked
15. Snow-blanketed
16. Snow-brushed
17. Snow-clad
18. Snowy-draped
19. Snowy-frosted
20. Snow-flecked
21. Snow-frosted
22. Snow-powdered
23. Snow-shrouded
24. Snowy-hushed
25. Snow-laced
26. Snow-shod
27. Snowy-sprinkled
28. Snowy-topped
29. Snowy-veiled
30. Snowy-white

When searching for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «snowy,» the list above provides a great variety of options. From frosty and white to snow-laden and snow-dusted, there are plenty of other words to choose from to describe the wintery weather. Whether you’re looking for a more poetic description or a more technical term, this list of synonyms for «snowy» has something to offer. Whether you’re writing a poem or an essay, these words will come in handy to help you accurately and effectively describe the wintery wonderland.