1. Svelte
2. Lean
3. Spare
4. Narrow
5. Skinny
6. Trim
7. Elegant
8. Slender
9. Thin
10. Petite
11. Spindly
12. Willowy
13. Lissome
14. Wiry
15. Slinky
16. Slight
17. Streamlined
18. Lanky
19. Spare
20. Wispy
21. Bony
22. Sparse
23. Meager
24. Scrawny
25. Gaunt
26. Wispy
27. Wiry
28. Tenuous
29. Scant
30. Spindly

When it comes to finding different words for slim, you have plenty of options. Whether you need a synonym to describe a person’s physique or a product’s size, there is a wide selection of words to choose from. From svelte and lean to spindly and wispy, these synonyms for slim can help you find the perfect word to express exactly what you mean. Whether you need a word for a person’s figure or an item’s dimensions, these best ideas for synonyms for slim can help you communicate your thoughts precisely.