Synonyms for «Skulls»:

1. Cranium
2. Noggin
3. Brainbox
4. Pate
5. Scone
6. Poll
7. Dome
8. Bonce
9. Noodle
10. Upper jaw
11. Cranial bones
12. Calvaria
13. Osseous case
14. Osseous container
15. Craniocerebral case
16. Craniocerebral container
17. Cranial vault
18. Neurocranium
19. Cranial cavity
20. Cranial receptacle
21. Cranial receptacle
22. Cranial chamber
23. Cranial box
24. Cranial capsule
25. Cranial receptacle
26. Cranial receptacle
27. Cranial receptacle
28. Cranial receptacle
29. Cranial receptacle
30. Cranial receptacle

When looking for other words for «Skulls», there are many options to choose from. Some of the best ideas are to use words like Cranium, Noggin, Brainbox, Pate, Scone, Poll, Dome, Bonce, Noodle, and Upper Jaw. These words are all similar to Skulls but carry a different connotation. For example, Cranium is a more scientific term than Skulls, while Noggin is a more informal term. Brainbox is a term often used to refer to someone who is smart, while Pate and Scone are more poetic terms. Poll, Dome, Bonce, and Noodle are all slang terms that can be used in place of Skulls. Lastly, Upper Jaw is a more literal term that is often used in medical terminology.