1. Drawings
2. Illustrations
3. Outlines
4. Designs
5. Renderings
6. Representations
7. Tracings
8. Diagrams
9. Sketches
10. Portraits
11. Paintings
12. Pictures
13. Depictions
14. Blueprints
15. Plans
16. Renderings
17. Schematics
18. Renders
19. Sketches
20. Paintings
21. Illustrations
22. Diagrams
23. Portraits
24. Figures
25. Outlines
26. Compositions
27. Artworks
28. Drawings
29. Depictions
30. Concepts

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «sketches»? There are many great ideas for different words to use in place of this term. Here are some of the best synonyms for sketches: drawings, illustrations, outlines, designs, renderings, representations, tracings, diagrams, portraits, paintings, pictures, depictions, blueprints, plans, schematics, renders, figures, compositions, artworks, concepts, and more. These synonyms are a great way to express your ideas and thoughts in a variety of ways. Whether you’re creating a drawing, painting, or diagram, these synonyms can help you find the perfect word to accurately describe your work.