1. Remains
2. Frame
3. Bones
4. Structure
5. Exoskeleton
6. Cadaver
7. Carcass
8. Corpus
9. Anatomy
10. Outline
11. Corpse
12. Substrate
13. Scaffold
14. Blueprint
15. Anatomical
16. Substructures
17. Skeletal
18. Endoskeleton
19. Anatomic
20. Anatomical structure
21. Supporting structure
22. Construction
23. Form
24. Anatomical framework
25. Skeletal structure
26. Exoskeletal structure
27. Underlying structure
28. Skeletal system
29. Substrate structure
30. Foundation

When looking for other words for «skeletons», there are many ideas to consider. Synonyms such as remains, frame, bones, structure, exoskeleton, cadaver, and carcass are all great ways to describe this concept. Other words such as corpus, anatomy, outline, corpse, substrate, scaffold, blueprint, anatomical, and substructures are also great alternatives. The best ideas for synonyms for «skeletons» are skeletal, endoskeleton, anatomic, anatomical structure, supporting structure, construction, form, anatomical framework, skeletal structure, exoskeletal structure, underlying structure, skeletal system, substrate structure, and foundation. These words all help to paint a vivid picture of what a skeleton is and the various ways it can be described.