1. Magnitude
2. Dimension
3. Extent
4. Capacity
5. Bigness
6. Length
7. Breadth
8. Width
9. Volume
10. Proportion
11. Bulk
12. Range
13. Span
14. Amplitude
15. Expanse
16. Dimensionality
17. Scope
18. Scale
19. Measure
20. Calibre
21. Magnitude
22. Mass
23. Extent
24. Span
25. Girth
26. Magnitude
27. Range
28. Grandeur
29. Capacity
30. Breadth

When you’re looking for the best ideas for describing size, it can be helpful to think of synonyms for the word size. Synonyms for size can include other words such as magnitude, dimension, extent, capacity, bigness, length, breadth, width, volume, proportion, bulk, range, span, amplitude, expanse, dimensionality, scope, scale, measure, calibre, magnitude, mass, extent, span, girth, magnitude, range, grandeur, capacity, and breadth. By using a variety of synonyms for size, you can better communicate the size of an object or concept in a more precise and detailed way.