Synonyms for «SITTING»:

1. Perching
2. Squatting
3. Reclining
4. Resting
5. Occupying
6. Lounging
7. Seating
8. Plunking
9. Plopping
10. Planting
11. Placing
12. Perching
13. Crouching
14. Squatting
15. Occupying
16. Squatting
17. Perching
18. Sinking
19. Settling
20. Slouching
21. Inhabiting
22. Loitering
23. Cowering
24. Lying
25. Squatting
26. Propping
27. Squatting
28. Perching
29. Nestling
30. Crouching

Finding the best synonyms for the word “sitting” can be difficult. When searching for another word for sitting, there are many ideas to consider. Looking for other words for sitting can be time consuming, but it can be worth it to find the perfect word to fit the context. There are a variety of synonyms for sitting that can be used to create interesting and unique sentences. Some of the best ideas for synonyms of sitting include perching, squatting, reclining, resting, occupying, lounging, seating, plunking, plopping, planting, placing, perching, crouching, squatting, occupying, squatting, perching, sinking, settling, slouching, inhabiting, loitering, cowering, lying, squatting, propping, squatting, perching, nestling, and crouching. Using these synonyms for sitting can help to create more interesting and varied sentences.