1. Reenactments
2. Mock-ups
3. Replicas
4. Reproductions
5. Imitations
6. Reproductions
7. Facsimiles
8. Models
9. Representations
10. Impersonations
11. Re-creations
12. Rehearsals
13. Re-enactments
14. Recreations
15. Re-enactments
16. Simulacra
17. Simulations
18. Simulacrums
19. Simulants
20. Simulated environments
21. Simulated exercises
22. Simulated scenarios
23. Simulated experiments
24. Simulated drills
25. Simulated situations
26. Simulated training
27. Simulated tests
28. Simulated simulations
29. Simulated operations
30. Simulated simulations

Looking for synonyms for the word “simulations”? Here are the best ideas for other words and phrases you can use instead. From reenactments and mock-ups to replicas and reproductions, there are plenty of options to choose from. Imitations, facsimiles, models, and representations are all viable alternatives to the word “simulations”. You can also use words like re-creations, rehearsals, re-enactments, recreations, and simulators to describe simulations. Other options include simulacra, simulacrums, simulants, simulated environments, simulated exercises, simulated scenarios, simulated experiments, simulated drills, simulated situations, simulated training, simulated tests, simulated simulations, and simulated operations. With so many synonyms to choose from, you’re sure to find the right word for your needs.