1. Indication
2. Mark
3. Symbol
4. Badge
5. Label
6. Insignia
7. Stamp
8. Brand
9. Emblem
10. Token
11. Clue
12. Notice
13. Notification
14. Cue
15. Evidence
16. Portent
17. Omen
18. Notification
19. Banner
20. Seal
21. Tag
22. Badge
23. Citation
24. Placard
25. Token
26. Standard
27. Testimony
28. Badge of Honor
29. Certification
30. Autograph

When trying to find the best ideas for another word for sign, there are plenty of options to choose from. Synonyms for the word sign can range from indications, marks, symbols, badges, labels, insignias, stamps, brands, emblems, tokens, clues, notices, notifications, cues, evidences, portents, omen, banners, seals, tags, citations, placards, tokens, standards, testimonies, badges of honor, certifications, and autographs. Each of these words can be used to describe a sign in its own unique way, allowing for plenty of variety and creativity to be used when describing signs.