1. Groaned
2. Moaned
3. Wailed
4. Exhaled
5. Vented
6. Whimpered
7. Cried
8. Gasped
9. Yawned
10. Huffed
11. Murmured
12. Wheezed
13. Wailed
14. Sighed wearily
15. Sighed heavily
16. Sighed in despair
17. Sighed in resignation
18. Sighed in frustration
19. Sighed in relief
20. Sighed in sorrow
21. Sighed in anguish
22. Sighed softly
23. Sighed sadly
24. Sighed wistfully
25. Sighed contentedly
26. Sighed aloud
27. Sighed in surprise
28. Sighed in shock
29. Sighed in disappointment
30. Sighed in distress

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «sighed»? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the best ideas for other words for «sighed». Groaned, Moaned, Wailed, Exhaled, Vented, Whimpered, Cried, Gasped, Yawned, Huffed, Murmured, Wheezed, Wailed, Sighed wearily, Sighed heavily, Sighed in despair, Sighed in resignation, Sighed in frustration, Sighed in relief, Sighed in sorrow, Sighed in anguish, Sighed softly, Sighed sadly, Sighed wistfully, Sighed contentedly, Sighed aloud, Sighed in surprise, Sighed in shock, Sighed in disappointment, and Sighed in distress. With all these options, you’ll never be stuck for another word for «sighed» again!