1. Strainer
2. Filter
3. Colander
4. Sifter
5. Riddle
6. Tamis
7. Bolter
8. Raffel
9. Sarcina
10. Seive
11. Sarcine
12. Seive
13. Screener
14. Sifter
15. Bolter
16. Sarcenet
17. Sarcina
18. Riddle
19. Tamis
20. Sarcine
21. Sifter
22. Strainer
23. Colander
24. Seive
25. Sifter
26. Raffel
27. Bolter
28. Sarcina
29. Riddle
30. Tamis

Searching for the best synonyms for the word «sieve»? Look no further! We have compiled a list of 30 different words that can be used to replace the word «sieve», including «strainer», «filter», «colander», «sifter», «riddle», «tamis», «bolter», «raffel», and more. These synonyms are great for creating a variety of different phrases and sentences that can be used to express the same idea. Whether you are writing a paper, creating a presentation, or just looking for some ideas, our list of synonyms for the word «sieve» is sure to provide you with the perfect alternative.