Synonyms for «Side»:

1. Flank
2. Edge
3. Rim
4. Vertex
5. Angle
6. Facet
7. Margin
8. Boundary
9. Periphery
10. Fringe
11. Bound
12. Lateral
13. Extremity
14. Wing
15. Facing
16. Bank
17. Shore
18. Seam
19. Border
20. Verge
21. Limit
22. Wingtip
23. Apex
24. Exterior
25. Appendage
26. Brink
27. Face
28. Wingtip
29. Exterior
30. End

When looking for alternative words for «side», the best ideas are to use synonyms that signify the edges or boundaries of something. Synonyms such as «flank», «edge», «rim», «vertex», and «angle» all provide a sense of the outside edges of an object. Other words such as «facet», «margin», «boundary», and «periphery» also provide a sense of the boundaries of something. Finally, words such as «fringe», «bound», «lateral», and «extremity» all suggest the sides or edges of something. All of these synonyms can be used to accurately describe the concept of side.