1. Reaping Hook
2. Scythe
3. Grim Reaper
4. Harvesting Tool
5. Sickle-shaped Implement
6. Crook
7. Curved Blade
8. Hooked Knife
9. Hooked Tool
10. Hooked Weapon
11. Moon Sickle
12. Pruning Tool
13. Reaping Knife
14. Reaping Tool
15. Reaper
16. Scythe-shaped Implement
17. Sickle-shaped Blade
18. Sickle-shaped Knife
19. Sickle-shaped Tool
20. Sickle-shaped Weapon
21. Sickle Blade
22. Sickle Knife
23. Sickle Tool
24. Sickle Weapon
25. Slicing Tool
26. Snathe
27. Harvest Hook
28. Harvesting Sickle
29. Harvest Knife
30. Harvest Tool

Are you looking for the best synonyms for the word «sickle»? Whether you need other words for sickle for a writing project or just want to expand your vocabulary, this list of ideas can help. Here you’ll find 30 different synonyms for sickle, including reaping hook, scythe, and harvesting tool. Each of these words can be used to replace the word sickle in a sentence, and they all have slightly different meanings and connotations. Whether you’re writing a poem or an essay, these synonyms for sickle can help you express yourself in a unique way.