1. Pursue
2. Attack
3. Chase
4. Engage
5. Pounce
6. Dash
7. Hasten
8. Harass
9. Follow
10. Rush
11. Hie
12. Go after
13. Follow up
14. Trail
15. Persecute
16. Dog
17. Sniff out
18. Hunt
19. Stalk
20. Scamper
21. Scurry
22. Scuttle
23. Speed
24. Bolt
25. Pursuit
26. Ambush
27. Hound
28. Chase after
29. Run after
30. Track

When looking for other words for sic, the best ideas are to use words that imply pursuit and engagement. Synonyms for sic can include words such as pursue, attack, chase, engage, pounce, dash, hasten, harass, follow, rush, hie, go after, follow up, trail, persecute, dog, sniff out, hunt, stalk, scamper, scurry, scuttle, speed, bolt, pursuit, ambush, hound, chase after, run after, and track. These words can all be used to describe the same action of sic, and can be used to add variety and depth to any writing.