1. Closing
2. Sealing
3. Blocking
4. Terminating
5. Obstructing
6. Fastening
7. Capping
8. Blanking
9. Stopping
10. Locking
11. Jamming
12. Securing
13. Clinching
14. Barring
15. Blinding
16. Bolting
17. Blocking off
18. Blunting
19. Clamping
20. Concluding
21. Curtailing
22. Drawing to a close
23. Finishing
24. Hanging up
25. Hindering
26. Obliterating
27. Obscuring
28. Plugging
29. Plugging up
30. Putting an end to

When searching for different words to describe the action of shutting, there are many ideas to consider. Whether you’re looking for the best synonyms or just other words for shutting, this list of thirty provides the best ideas to get the job done. From closing and sealing to capping and blinding, there is a wide range of words to choose from when you need to express the idea of shutting. Whether you’re writing an essay or a blog post, these synonyms will help you to convey the meaning of the action of shutting in a more descriptive and interesting way.