1. Demonstrating
2. Exhibiting
3. Evidencing
4. Manifesting
5. Indicating
6. Illustrating
7. Revealing
8. Displaying
9. Depicting
10. Signifying
11. Representing
12. Demonstrating
13. Exposing
14. Pointing out
15. Making clear
16. Making evident
17. Making known
18. Proving
19. Disclosing
20. Showing forth
21. Making manifest
22. Signaling
23. Exhibiting
24. Expressing
25. Signifying
26. Demonstrating
27. Indicating
28. Making visible
29. Unveiling
30. Betokening

When searching for synonyms for the word “showing”, the best ideas are to look for words that have similar meanings. There are many different synonyms for the word “showing”, such as demonstrating, exhibiting, evidencing, manifesting, indicating, illustrating, revealing, displaying, depicting, and signifying. These words all have the same general meaning of making something visible or clear. Other words for “showing” include representing, exposing, pointing out, making clear, making evident, making known, proving, disclosing, showing forth, making manifest, signaling, exhibiting, expressing, signifying, demonstrating, indicating, making visible, and unveiling. With so many different synonyms for the word “showing”, it is easy to find the perfect word to fit any context.