1. Dispatched
2. Sent
3. Transported
4. Delivered
5. Conveyed
6. Forwarded
7. Carried
8. Exported
9. Shovelled
10. Mailed
11. Transmitted
12. Transferred
13. Expedited
14. Distributed
15. Shipped out
16. Flown
17. Transported
18. Express-mailed
19. Couried
20. Transhipped
21. Freighted
22. Shipped off
23. Shuttled
24. Shipped away
25. Trucked
26. Airfreighted
27. Railroaded
28. Streamed
29. Voyaged
30. Flitted

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “shipped”? We have the answers for you! There are many other words you can use to describe the action of shipping something. Some of these include dispatched, sent, transported, delivered, conveyed, forwarded, carried, exported, shovelled, mailed, transmitted, transferred, expedited, distributed, shipped out, flown, transported, express-mailed, couried, transhipped, freighted, shipped off, shuttled, shipped away, trucked, airfreighted, railroaded, streamed, voyaged, and flitted. Whether you are looking for one word or many, these synonyms for “shipped” will give you the best ideas to choose from.