1. Carapace
2. Covering
3. Exoskeleton
4. Husk
5. Integument
6. Integuments
7. Jacket
8. Lid
9. Membrane
10. Outer layer
11. Outer covering
12. Peel
13. Pericarp
14. Peridium
15. Pod
16. Protection
17. Rind
18. Shroud
19. Skin
20. Slough
21. Spat
22. Test
23. Testa
24. Thallus
25. Valence
26. Valency
27. Veneer
28. Vessel
29. Wall
30. Wrapper

When you are looking for an alternative to the word “shell”, you have a variety of options to choose from. Whether you are writing a paper or a script, it is important to find the best words to express your ideas. Synonyms for “shell” include carapace, covering, exoskeleton, husk, integument, integuments, jacket, lid, membrane, outer layer, outer covering, peel, pericarp, peridium, pod, protection, rind, shroud, skin, slough, spat, test, testa, thallus, valence, valency, veneer, vessel, wall, and wrapper. All of these words have unique nuances and can be used to express different ideas in various contexts. When you are searching for the best words to express your ideas, consider these synonyms for “shell” and find the one that best fits your creative needs.