1. Cutting
2. Clipping
3. Trimming
4. Pruning
5. Snipping
6. Shearing off
7. Cropping
8. Sawing
9. Reaping
10. Mowing
11. Scissoring
12. Whittling
13. Slicing
14. Severing
15. Shearing away
16. Dissecting
17. Cleaving
18. Chopping
19. Shaving
20. Hewing
21. Cloven
22. Sculpting
23. Cropping off
24. Excising
25. Lacerating
26. Segmenting
27. Truncating
28. Tapering
29. Paring
30. Whacking

Finding the right synonyms for the word «shearing» can be a challenge. It’s important to know the best words to use to accurately describe the action of shearing. Luckily, there are a variety of synonyms to choose from that can be used to describe the act of shearing. Some of the best ideas include cutting, clipping, trimming, pruning, snipping, shearing off, cropping, sawing, reaping, and mowing. Other words for shearing include scissoring, whittling, slicing, severing, shearing away, dissecting, cleaving, chopping, shaving, hewing, cloven, sculpting, cropping off, excising, lacerating, segmenting, truncating, tapering, paring, and whacking. With so many different synonyms available, you can easily find the perfect word to accurately describe the act of shearing.