Synonyms for SHALL:

1. Must
2. Ought to
3. Need to
4. Required to
5. To be obliged to
6. To be bound to
7. To have to
8. To be forced to
9. To be compelled to
10. To be destined to
11. To be destined for
12. To be duty-bound to
13. To be expected to
14. To be fated to
15. To be incumbent upon
16. To be necessary to
17. To be necessary for
18. To be obligated to
19. To be obliged to
20. To be destined to
21. To be predestined to
22. To be predetermined to
23. To be prescribed to
24. To be required to
25. To be under an obligation to
26. To be under the necessity of
27. To be under the obligation of
28. To have no choice but to
29. To have no option but to
30. To have to do

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